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Five Ways To Support Immigrant Communities

Given America’s current political climate regarding immigration, many immigrant communities may feel at risk or even targeted.

In a so-called sanctuary city like Philadelphia, immigrants can become active and engaged in community organizing to educate themselves and others about their rights in America.

Here are five active organizations that offer educational programs and events for immigrant communities.

Asian Arts Initiative

Asian Arts Initiative (AAI) is a community-based arts center on Vine Street near 12th that engages artists and everyday people to create art that explores the diverse experiences of Asian Americans. Through visual expression, even the most complex stories of immigration and assimilation can be told.

Pictured above is a visitor at a recent exhibition called “Hurry Up and Wait,” which highlighted the migration process and tensions between policy and humanity.


Located on 6th Street near Washington Avenue, Juntos is an organization  that empowers and equips the Latino community with knowledge and resources to fight for their human rights as workers, students, and immigrants.

Pictured above is a Latino mother and her baby at a DACA rally in City Hall in September.

Cambodian Association of Greater Philadelphia

Intergenerational cultural dissonance (ICD)—a clash between parents and children over cultural values—is a common issue for Asian American families. The initiatives of the Cambodian Association of Greater Philadelphia, an organization dedicated to providing social, health and education programs for Cambodian refugees and their families, help bridge the gap between family members.

Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture

Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture is a non-profit organization in Philadelphia dedicated to educating youth and adults of Arab and non-Arab heritage the language and culture of the Arab world.

Viet Lead

Asian Americans have the lowest voter participation of any demographic group despite being the fastest growing racial group in the United States. Community organizations such as Viet Lead aim to increase voter turnout of Asian Americans in Philadelphia by registering voters, canvassing neighborhoods, and organizing bilingual phone banking operations.