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Freely Draw

During this virtual school year, we were thrown into a loop with our schedules, discovered how to pass time in the uncertainty, and got a fresh perspective about ourselves along the way. Despite the unpredictable nature of the virus, this period of time gave us the opportunity to pick up a new hobby and learn something new to occupy a wandering mind. 

Introducing the Freely Draw Project, two members of the Design team: Nina Liu and Tia Marchiselli designed a visual representation of a week in their lives expressing feelings and little moments they saw true to themselves.

Nina Liu is on the Design team here at Freely and is currently majoring in Jewelry and Metal Design. She is from China and joined Freely to gain more experience in the Graphic Design field.

Nina Liu, The Moments of Being

Tia Marchiselli is a Graphic Designer and an Advertising major. She is originally from Tampa, Florida and became a part of Freely with the intent of forming new friendships.

Tia Marchiselli, A Taste of Restraint