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About the Contest

Culture forms us, it molds us, it provides a lens through which to see and experience the world, and it defines us. Culture is an intimate experience; both deeply personal and unique to our individual life experiences. It creates the landscape of our lives and is all around us; it is the sky above us, the images we see, the people we meet, and the things we love.

But how exactly do we experience culture? How do other cultures interact with the culture we grew up knowing? How do different cultures fuse together to create new ideas, perspectives, and cultural forms? What do these new forms look like, and how do they define a world that is increasingly internationalized, with more cultures coming together than ever before?

Freely is pleased to announce our “Under Two Skies” photography contest and exhibit in an effort to give you the chance to answer these important questions. We want you to submit work reflecting on cultural fusions you have experienced, and how they have changed or defined you.

— This may mean reflecting on your own cultural background, and how you celebrate the different cultures from which you come.

— This may mean reflecting on experiences you’ve had living or studying abroad, and how you absorbed or learned about new cultures.

— This may be as simple as reflecting on the myriad cultures that exist right here in Philadelphia, and how these cultures interact with one another, share space and overlap.

What you choose to represent is completely up to you, but we ask that you focus on the idea of cultural fusion, and what it means to you and the people, places, and things around you.


— Prizes will be awarded to first, second and third place winners. Details will be announced at a later date!

What should my submission include?

1-3 photographs, in the form of high-quality image files. Your photographs may stand alone or be part of a series.

— Your photographs may be in any format or dimension.

An 100-200 word caption: If you are profiling an individual (or yourself), this would preferably be something in the subject’s own words—the story behind the photograph, or an experience they would like to relate that exemplifies how the different facets of their identity impact their life. If you are not profiling an individual, the caption is entirely up to you as photographer.

— Your full name, the dimensions of your photograph(s), and any additional information you would like to provide.

Where do I submit my photographs?

— Submissions should be emailed to freelymagazine@gmail.com by 11:59 p.m March 12th, 2018.

— By submitting your photos, you are giving Freely Magazine the right to feature them in our exhibition and publish them on our website. You are also agreeing that all people shown in your series consented to having their pictures taken.

All finalists will have their work displayed at our end-of-the-year event on April 12th. The winners will be announced at the exhibit. We will cover the cost of printing, and selected photographs will be displayed in SERC for three days after the event, therefore giving you an excellent opportunity to share and display your work.

Please direct any questions or inquiries to freelymagazine@gmail.com. Best of luck!