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Application available here.

Director of Design Team or Vice Director of Design Team

As leaders of the design team, you’ll creatively direct all visual and web content. You’ll organize team meetings, delegate design tasks, and communicate with the content team on a regular basis. You’ll also be in charge of managing the WordPress website. As a member of the Freely e-board, you’ll also work in non-design areas like planning Freely events and general body meetings.

Both Director and Vice Director are paid $150 per semester.

General Design Team Duties:

Most often, you’ll be designing graphics/illustrations for articles our content team members write. You’ll get to pick an article that needs an illustration, and have creative freedom to visually represent the ideas written in the article through graphic design. For inspiration, check out the New York Times articles that have illustrations instead of photographs.

You’ll also have the chance to design a variety of pieces for print and web, including:

  • flyers (events, recruitment, etc)
  • zine layout (our annual black and white zine, published for Freely’s annual art exhibit in the spring)
  • web design (make changes/additions to the website to improve user experience and develop as Freely Magazine grows as a publication)
  • social graphics

The website is primarily the responsibility of the Director/Vice Director of Design Team, but all team members may contribute and learn if they wish. Working or proficient knowledge of WordPress, HTML/CSS and general web design principles will come in handy. Website duties include but are not limited to

  • posting articles
  • creating/managing site pages
  • troubleshooting glitches and theme issues
  • coordinating with Klein College IT department (our website is hosted through Klein College IT department)

Application available here.

Member of Design Team

You’ll primarily be designing article illustrations but can also step up to design anything else Freely might need including the things listed above.