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On Campus Resources You Should Know

As a sophomore at Temple, I am still in the process of exploring on-campus resources. One of my favorite on-campus resources, the Writing Center, has been a  lifesaver. Last year, I was struggling in a course that required lots of writing assignments. I was not familiar with English writing, and felt kind of helpless. As finals approached, one of my friends told me about the Writing Center. Tutors in the Writing Center clearly explained difficult grammar, patiently checked my prose for mistakes, and taught me basic English writing rules. The Writing Center has helped strengthen my writing. I only wish I learned about this, and other resources, sooner.

Academic Resources

Temple offers writing tutors, tutoring sessions, and more academic services. You are already paying for these services as part of your tuition–might as well take advantage of them!

1. Student Success Center (Writing Center)

Location: Tuttleman Learning Center, Suite 201


Offers one-on-one tutoring sessions for students who are looking for help on writing assignments and practicing languages.

Also, on Thursdays from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm, an advisor from the Temple Academic Resource Center provides walk-in sessions for international students. Here, you can ask questions about undergraduate majors and academic plans.

2. Center for Learning and Student Success (CLASS)

Location: Tuttleman Learning Center, Suite 100


Provides tutoring, exam reviews, and guided study sessions in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Statistics, Economics, and Kinesiology.

3. Temple University Confucius Institute

Location: Anderson Hall, Room 312, 1114 W. Berks St


Explore Chinese culture through their free Chinese language sessions, tea time, calligraphy, paper-cutting and more.

4. Temple University Academic Resource Center

Location: Mitten Hall, Suite 110, 1913 N Broad St


Helps students, who have not yet decided on their majors or remain unsure about their academic path, to discover  their interests. It also holds the Global Exchange Program, designed for non-matriculated study abroad or exchange students at Temple.

5. Honor Program

Location: Tuttleman Learning Center, Room 204, 1809 North 13th St


If you are looking for more challenging courses or to graduate with honors, check out the official website, visit their office, and email Honors advisors.  

6. Temple University Bulletin


Provides general information about Temple University and details about academic programs. Visit the Bulletin to find out which classes you need to take or find answers about specific majors or minors.

Employment Resources

Temple helps students look for jobs or internships, compose resumes, develop professional skills, and build professional  networks. These resources are shortcuts to successful careers.

1. Temple University Department of Human Resources

Location: Howard Gittis Student Center, Room 101A, 1755 N. 13th St


Visit HR’s website to find on-campus part-time jobs for students.

2. Temple University Career Center

Location: 220 Mitten Hall, 1913 N. Broad St


Start here when you’re looking for an internship or full-time job, help building a professional resume or writing a strong cover letter. You can also subscribe to your College’s e-newsletters of job and internship opportunities and keep your eyes on each College’s internship and career fairs.

3. Blackstone Launchpad

Howard Gittis Student Center, Lower Level, 1755 North 13th St


Fosters students’ entrepreneurship for their future career through one-on-one coaching sessions with a mentor who is an alumni or student with plenty of relevant experience and skills.

4. Temple University Alumni Connect

Location: 100 Sullivan Hall, 1330 Polett Walk


Build your social network by easily finding your old classmates and friends.

Social and Emotional Well-being Resources

Temple holds different types of events, activities, and classes to enrich student lives. Explore your interests and make new friends.

1. Owl Connect


Search the database for information on Temple’s nearly 300 student organizations.

2. Temple University Calendar Grid


No matter your major or interests, you can definitely find something fun and interesting to do here, where all Temple events and activities are posted.

3. Student Center Night Owl Events

Location: Howard Gittis Student Center, 219M, 1755 N. 13th St


Visit the Night Owl Event each Friday night from 9pm to midnight for free food, performances, games, prizes, and more. Bring your friends and make new ones!

4. Temple University Campus Recreation

Location: Pearson and Mcgonigle Halls, Suite 303, 1800 N. Broad St


Take advantage of free recreational sports programs like Cycling, Yoga, Zumba and more. If you want a more professional fitness session, you can purchase personal fitness trainings as well.

5. Tuttleman Counseling Services

Location: 1700 N. Broad St 2nd floor


Access free individual or group counseling.

Financial and Legal Resources

Temple provides specific services to help students stay in school and offerts social issues’ assistances.  

1. Student Financial Services

Location: 1801 N. Broad St


Handles financial issues such as tuition, credit cards, educational loans, taxes, and scholarships.

2. Temple University International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS)

Location: 1415 N Broad St, Suite 227


Helps international students with  their immigration status, health insurance, tax issues, employment options, financial aid, and social security. Visit the ISSS dashboard on Canvas or Blackboard to register for information sessions on OPT, taxes, and immigration.

3. TUGSA Student Union

Location: 1816 Chestnut St


Advocates for graduate students and workers at the university by negotiating for and defending access to compensation, health insurance, paid and unpaid leave, and more.

4. Temple Legal Aid Office

Location: 1719 North Broad St


Provides free service to local residents and students with domestic issues, health insurance, public benefits, employment discrimination, and life-planning.