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Top Eight Last Minute Spring Break Ideas

College students everywhere have just finished one of two of the least enjoyable weeks of the semester; the dreaded midterms week. But now it’s time to celebrate, with one of the best weeks of the year; Spring Break! I’m sure many of us have dreamed about our Spring Break experience being like Sharpay’s lavish vacation in High School Musical 2, so if you have not set any Spring Break plans just yet, do not panic, there is still hope! Here is a list of EIGHT last minute ideas to make the best out of your 2018 Spring Break.

1.Let’s Go to the Beach, Beach

It’s Spring… which means it is almost (basically) Summer! One of the most popular and enjoyable activities to do during Spring Break is to go to the beach, as it is the perfect getaway to not only relax but have fun all at the same time! Therefore, I highly encourage visiting Erie Presque Isle, Ocean City and other nearby beaches to soak up some sun during your Spring Break and  give you the right amount of feels for the upcoming Summer!

2. Say One Last Goodbye to Winter

Spring is right around the corner and even if it is a time of the year when many us are feeling in high-spirits, it is unfair to deny our snow-loving friends of their passions. So, if you are a snow-lover and are missing the chills of winter and the beautiful sight of a snow-covered town already, taking a getaway to a nearby ski resort during your Spring Break is the way to go! Blue Mountain Resort, Roundtop Mountain Resort and Spring Mountain Resort are just a few of many ski resorts in Pennsylvania to visit (and even rent a cabin in!) to say one last goodbye to our friend Winter as we welcome the warm weather. If you’re lucky and you plan your trip on a cold day, the ski resorts will blow artificial snow, and you’ll find yourself in a (springtime) winter wonderland!

3. Take a Stroll at a National Park

So far, activities that have been addressed either excite us for summer or let us savor the last bit of winter, but what about activities that get us in the true Spring spirit? Visiting nearby National Parks and gardens to surround yourself in nature’s seasonal rebirth may be exactly what you need to get you ready for Spring. Independence National Historical Park, Cherry Springs State Park and Penn’s Cave and Wildlife Park are just a few of the parks that will not only allow you to connect with our planet’s natural wonders, but also provide you with some awesome Instagram-worthy shots to share with your friends this Spring Break.

4. It’s the Cliiiiimb

It’s Spring time, which  means it is not only time to begin unpacking your bathing suit, but your hiking gear needs to come out right along with it. Spring break is the perfect time to embark on  a getaway to local hiking trails, like the famous Laurel Highlands, to soak in the beauty of nature, while getting quality exercise! (and for free!!!) So, for those who are hiking enthusiasts, and even for those have never been hiking, don’t be afraid to spend a day outdoors…all while making great memories and getting some refreshing outdoor exercise! Check out this beautiful view from the hiking trail at Laurel Highlands!

5. Ghost-Town Spring Break

Spring break is a time for students to have time off, to relax and have fun, and for the thrill-seekers out there, “fun” may be defined by visiting a nearby abandoned highway. If you are looking for a scare during your time off from school, Centralia is the place for you! Embark on the trip not only for beautiful forest views, but for sights of “Warning” signs and broken roads to scare your way into spring…

6. Let’s go on a Va… Staycation

Going on trips to see nearby or faraway places is wonderful, but it is also perfectly fine to go back home and lay low for Spring break as well. This Spring break enjoy your time off by reuniting with your friends from home, going bowling, or even beginning a new Netflix series or original film. (I suggest Atypical or Irreplaceable You. FYI: Get your tissue boxes ready). For a full list of Netflix series and shows premiering in spring of 2018, click here. Spring break is a time to relax and make the most of your time off, so don’t be afraid to fill your break with the hidden glamour of the comfort of your own home.

7. Staycation @ Temple U
Temple is a highly diverse university, so if you are a student that is far away from home, you will definitely not pass a minute of boredom if you decide to stay on campus this Spring break! Temple is one Septa ride away from any Philadelphia attraction that you can think up from Historical, Art or Science Museums, to Spring concerts and outside events to enjoy this Spring Break. Here is your go-to guide to events coming up in Philadelphia to fulfill your Spring break with fun breaking the bank! https://www.visitphilly.com/events/spring-events/

8. “It Feels Good to Be Lost in the Right Direction.”

It is often said that “it’s about the journey, not the destination,” so if you and a friend are still unsure of how to spend your Spring break, why not go on a trip without a destination! An experience like this may be intimidating at first, but you will not only gain some resume-worthy independence and critical thinking skills, but it can also be an opportunity to experience losing yourself in the journey and finding who you are when you arrive at your destination.

Now remember, Spring Break is a time for both relaxing and enjoyment, so I recommend looking for ways to combine activities from the list above and make Spring Break 2018 both ideal and memorable!