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Freely Magazine is looking to hire PAID COLUMNISTS AND EDITORS for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Freely Magazine is Temple’s only student publication dedicated entirely to covering international issues. We offer writing, editing, design and leadership opportunities to both international students and domestic students who are interested in learning more about different cultures. Our mission is to blur the restrictive boundaries among and between different ethnic groups by providing students with opportunities to raise their voices, share their cultures, and receive specific content that will improve their college experience in Philadelphia. We also strive to create opportunities for domestic students and international students to interact through social events. Read more about us here.

To fill our writing and editing positions, we are seeking international and domestic students with strong ideas, excellent written expression, and a demonstrated passion for thinking globally. Below are brief descriptions of the positions available. You may apply for any and all that interest you. Bilingual editors and writers will be especially considered.

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Bilingual Editor (Spanish, Mandarin, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese speakers preferred)

Freely Magazine is seeking an additional bilingual (or trilingual!) to assist with management of content. Editors work directly with writer and typically edit 1-3 pieces per week. Additionally, interested applicants must commit to meeting deadlines and attending editors’ meetings once a week. Editors will also be asked to produce content routinely (approximately one article per month).


  • Edit approximately 1-3 articles per week
  • Meet deadlines and communicate routinely with writers
  • Write at least one editorial or article per month (500 words or more)
  • Attend editorial and content meetings each week
  • Assist with weekly pitch list


  • A bi-annual stipend of $250 (to be paid monthly)
  • Substantive editing and writing experience
  • Great friends! Previous editors can attest…


  • Sophomore, Junior, or Senior
  • A strong grasp of at least two languages with a demonstrated ability to correct grammatical and stylistic issues
  • Previous writing and editing experience
  • Familiarity with AP Writing Style


Our columnists are the lifeblood of Freely Magazine, and provide Philadelphia-area students with engaging, useful, and innovative content that adds an international perspective to the American college experience.


  • Write 1 article (about 500 words) each week, or 1 longform article (800-1000 words) every two weeks
  • Meet deadlines and remain in close contact with editors
  • Attend and support Freely events
  • Come up with inventive ideas for articles
  • Meet once a week with editors to discuss column topics


  • A bi-annual stipend of $200 (to be paid monthly)
  • Your own URL and profile
  • Substantive writing experience (excellent when applying for jobs!)
  • The ability to explore topics and ideas that interest you
  • Membership in a team of dedicated internationalists
  • Professional development


  • Sophomore, Junior, or Senior
  • Previous writing experience (especially in journalistic form)
  • Familiarity with AP Writing Style (or willingness to learn)
  • Experience in conducting (or willingness to conduct) interviews/research to improve article quality
  • Interest in international issues
  • Bilingual applicants are preferred but not required


We are looking for a mix of international and domestic students to write articles pertaining to one of the six categories below.

International Voices


As an international student, we want you to share stories about your experience moving to the U.S., making new friends, navigating the English language, and studying at Temple. Each week, you will reflect on a different aspect of being an international student; you may write about places you’ve visited in the U.S., challenging or exciting courses you’ve taken, what it’s like being so far from home, funny stories you have, and really anything else that you feel comfortable sharing. Think of it as a professional blog, to be read by fellow (and future) international students at Temple.

Specific Qualifications:

  • Previous blog experience preferred but not required (send us the link!)
  • Willingness to translate some or all of the articles into your native language
  • No need to be a grammar whiz; for this position, we are looking for ideas, not English language capabilities

Global Kitchen

Who doesn’t love food? Luckily, as students in Philadelphia, who attend a super diverse school, we have access to myriad different styles of cooking and eating. As the Global Kitchen Columnist, it will be your responsibility to write about all things food-related. You may share recipes, write restaurant reviews, explore different eating cultures, reflect on international eating experiences you’ve had, or write about why certain dishes are important to certain countries/cultures. You’ll have a lot of freedom; as long as you write about FOOD AND ONLY FOOD!

  • Previous food blog experience preferred but not required
  • Willingness to try new food!
  • Ability to visit Philadelphia-area restaurants (we can reimburse food bills)
  • We would also love to see you cook food and share recipes!


In this day and age, politics have taken on a new relevance in our everyday conversations. As the political columnist, your responsibility is not necessarily to take either side of the political spectrum, but to examine ALL views perceptively and ultimately promote an international viewpoint. While it is perfectly acceptable to take a stance in your writing, Freely does not hold any political affiliations. We do, however, strive to encourage a more global community! You will be responsible for reading the news, listening to podcasts, and keeping up with current events. Your writing should reflect both your research and knowledge of the topic and your ability to interpret and think about politics in an international context.

Specific Qualifications:

  • Political Science or Global Studies majors encouraged, but not required!
  • Passion for politics and current events!
  • Willingness to read news from a variety of sources and opinions


Our mission at Freely Magazine is to connect and share across cultures and there is no better example of this than our cultural columnist! This writer should have an interest in discovering and exploring one’s own culture and that of others. There are infinite directions that one could take when writing a piece on culture, so this writer should be creative and constantly looking for fresh perspectives.

Specific Qualifications:

  • Attend cultural events at Temple and around Philadelphia and report on them
  • Be open and adventurous to new experiences and opportunities!

Guides & Tips

Adjusting to the United States as an international student can be challenging. This section aims to provide ways for one to adjust to American customs and culture and to university life in general. We are seeking a writer who can identify relevant problems and offer advice in a wide range of areas.

Specific Qualifications:

  • Ability to identify areas of need and interest for students
  • Creativity and a willingness to think outside the box!


Freely Magazine seeks to be an advocate and voice for diversity and multicultural engagement. In the city of Philadelphia and across the world, we are constantly confronted with situations that demand our attention and our thoughtful commentary. As the activism columnist, this writer will be responsible for writing about controversial issues, taking a side, and letting readers know what they can do to help.

Specific Qualifications:

  • At the heart of any activist is passion. This writer must be able to convey feeling and inspiration through their words!
  • Willingness to attend protests in Philadelphia
  • Knowledge of current hot topics and debates around the world


Since its founding, Freely Magazine has grown through a generous and passionate group of volunteers. While we would love to support every writer, at present, we simply do not have the means financially. If you are not selected for a position, we would still LOVE to have you write for us! Unpaid contributors who show a level of commitment and improvement throughout the semester will also be taken into consideration during subsequent application cycles.

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