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Manage Freely’s social media presence as the Director of Outreach/Social Media!

Oversees all the activities within the team, keep track of members, assign works accordingly, and communicate with the E-Board constantly. They should to have strong leadership skills and social media experience.

We’re looking for someone who works well under pressure and has experience organizing small and large scale events before. Aside from weekly E-Board meetings, you would need to hold your own team meeting.   

  • Lead outreach team in promoting and raising awareness of Freely’s brand.
  • Compose newsletters, press releases and email marketing campaigns with MailChimp
  • Oversee large-scale events such as photo exhibitions and fundraising efforts.
  • Manage production and scheduling of content on all social media channels with Hootsuite
  • Promote Freely’s offerings and form partnerships with other organizations.
  • Create content for social media facebook, twitters, instagram
  • Create and strategize social media marketing plan for the school year

Required skills:

  • Multi-tasking, thinking on your feet
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Team-work and able to cope with organization culture
  • Energetic and passion in the work
  • Attention to detail

Contact freelymagazine@gmail.com for more information.

Apply here.