Pita Chip Restaurant

Pita Chip: A Restaurant With A Story

Pita Chip. It’s a small, cozy eatery located at 1600 North Broad Street unit number seven, right outside lower north Philly. It’s one of the few places on campus that serves authentic Middle Eastern food. It’s ... Read More...
Malaysian Flag

Malaysian Culture Deserves More Attention

The City of Philadelphia is rife with life and diversity, thrumming to the heartbeat of each individual culture within it, such as the Italian community in South Philadelphia, the Muslim community on the North side and Chinatown smack in the middle, just to na... Read More...
Food and Culture

What Food Tells Us About Culture

Have you ever wondered what the food you eat everyday can tell you about where you come from? Have you ever wondered why people from different parts of the world eat different types of food? Do you ever ask yourself why certain foods or culinary traditions are... Read More...